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The Benefits of DIY Magnetic Double Glazing

DIY magnetic double glazing is inexpensive, easy to install & easy to maintain. Magnetic double glazing can be fitted to almost any surface.

Reduces Noise with Maglab Double Glazing

The extra noise pollution is obvious to everyone. What you may not realise is the effect this extra noise has on your health. Headaches, loss of hearing, increased blood pressure and increased stress are just some of the problems.
Double glazing using 3mm acrylic will dramatically reduce noise. The greater the gap between the window and the acrylic, the greater noise reduction.

Saves Energy with Maglab Double Glazing

The walls and roofs of our homes are very efficient at maintaining consistent temperatures within the house. It's our glassed areas that let us down. Double glazing the windows will keep the temperature more consistent, reducing the need for heat in winter and cooling in summer.

Saves Money with Maglab Double Glazing

With the ever increasing cost of electricity and other fuels, this reduced need must result in increasing savings.

Security with Maglab Double Glazing

If you are tired of replacing windows smashed by vandals, fit the magnetic acrylic to the outside of the window to protect the glass.

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diy double glazing
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